12 Ways of Compassion

Let’s Do Something Great


This year Citypoint Church will be providing 100 Thanksgiving Day boxes for families in need. Help us reach out to our community and show the compassion of Jesus this Thanksgiving. You can help by giving and or volunteering.

Thanksgiving Outreach

Each year we partner with local ministry to help not only feed thousands of homeless but also provide clothing, haircuts and more. This years outreach will be on November 11, 2017.

OPERATION Christmas Child

Collection week is November 13–20

Pick up your box in the foyer and drop it off at Citypoint Church from 12-2pm during the week of November 13th through 20th.

Christmas To Remember


This Christmas on December 11th we are partnering with a local ministry to provide a Christmas party for children of incarcerated parents. For some of these families, it is the first time that the child is meeting their incarcerated parent.

Christmas in the City

Partnering with Section 8 housing and a local ministry, we will be bringing Christmas to the children living in Section 8 housing. Bring joy and hope to those that might not be celebrating Christmas otherwise. 

Christmas Toy Outreach

On December 16th we will be partnering with a local ministry that will be wrapping and distributing Christmas presents for homeless and in need families.

Highways and Byways Christmas

This year we are going to hit the streets and provide giftcards to the homeless. Luke 14:23 tells us to go to the “Highways and Byways and compel them to come in.” So we are going to go to the hurting and share the compassion of Jesus with them.

Christmas for Children of Single Mom’s

One of every two single mom’s are living below the poverty line. This year we want to come along side these single mom’s and help them provide a Christmas to their children that they will remember for a long time!

Christmas Day Presents in the Projects

Christmas morning can be a lonely morning for some. This year we are partnering with a local ministry that will be going out to the Denver housing projects on Christmas Day to pass out presents to the kids

Rapid REsponse

When the temperatures drop below 10 degrees we go out as a team to provide hot Chili and Coffee to the homeless on the streets. The warmth of this food is sometimes just enough to help their bodies stay warm through the night. We also provide gloves, blankets and shoes. If you are interested in going out with us, please sign-up below and we will contact you as weather turns and we get ready to respond.


We have a close personal relationship with 180 ministry and are going to continue to support them as they continue to work to end alcohol and drug addiction by providing a Christ-centered environment for men to choose life over addiction.

Citypoint Food Bank

Each and every week, the Citypoint Food Bank provides food for several families in need. In FY2017, we passed out over 40,000lbs of food providing some 34,049 meals. 


200 South University Blvd

Denver, Colorado 80209