Our topical small groups are designed to help you connect with others and bring faith into existing friendships. Studies cover a variety of topics and formats, but each is designed to help you share life within community.

Groups meet at different times and places during the week. On Wednesdays, dinner will be served in the Citypoint Fellowship Hall at 5:30pm, and childcare will be provided from 6:30pm to 7:55pm.

 To contact a group leader or sign up, use a Connection Card or email



Rod & Bonnie Hood

MARRIAGE WITH A PURPOSE for engaged & married couples

Knowing that Satan comes to kill, steal from, and destroy marriage, this four-week series leads couples to flourish in the power of God to defeat the Enemy’s attack and take their marriages back. Accept the challenge and take a journey with us to a relationship that is not only living and joyful, but one that is long-lasting, strong and filled with purpose.

Starting February 6 // 6:30pm, WEDNESDAYS

Feb 6 and March 6

Citypoint Prayer Room

 Feb 20 Rod & Bonnie’s Home

773 S Dearborn Circle, Aurora

 March 20 — TBD

 Pastor Rod and his wife, Bonnie, are seasoned believers and church leaders who have served in various ministry roles here at Citypoint for over 15 years. They have a passion to see couples and families thrive – not just survive.


James & Staci Holt


for couples with kids & future parents

The Heart of Familyis an interactive video-based course sharing the solid, biblically-based and faith-filled principles Kirk and Chelsea Cameron have learned in over 25 years of marriage and parenting. Join James & Staci for a group that will prove to be lighthearted and humorous, while discovering how to better put God in the center of your marriage and family.

 Starting February 13


 Feb 13 and 27

March 13 and 27

Citypoint Prayer Room

 James and Staci have been married for 5 years, friends for 14, and are blessed with two children, ages 13 and 3. James is the Maintenance Supervisor on the Citypoint Team and serves as the Middle School leader on Sundays. Staci is a seasoned event director and former college instructor, currently working at Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University.

Chris Smith


for guys

In this session, we will be diving into what biblical masculinity looks like, and how to operate as a man within the context of the Bible. As a resource, we will be using the Wild at Heart book by John Eldredge, as well as the associated field manual. Far from boring, Eldredge frames these resources around his outdoor experiences, anecdotes about his family, and some occasional pop culture elements. Jesus is the MAN; let’s find out how to be more like Him!

 Starting February 6


The Green Room at Citypoint

 Chris grew up in Oregon, became a believer at Citypoint Church, and serves with his fiancé, Becca, as part of the C’YA leadership in our young adults program. Before becoming a staff team member, Chris worked at TopGolf, as a functional consultant at DRM Dynamics, and also has a security background. He enjoys golf, disc golf, spends a lot of time at the gym – and paints miniature figurines for board games!


Judy Stonecipher


for gals

 This video-based study is much more than an anti-gossip seminar. We’ll cover verbal interaction with friends, co-workers, family, and strangers; using our words in private, in public, online, in prayer, and to ourselves; unsolicited advice, speaking the truth in love, people-pleasing, and dealing with our verbal anger. A hard-hitting yet humorous look at that little thing called our tongue.

 Starting February 6


Room MC-2 at Citypoint

 Judy is a PK (preacher’s kid) who was married to a PK for 42 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Christian Education, and was Managing Editor of Accent Publications before joining the church staff in 1989 where she has served in various capacities. She loves being surrounded by books and stuffed animals, and enjoys making all of life’s “adventures” worthwhile – and maybe even a little bit fun!

Rico & Lauri Ruiz


for adults

 Life’s Healing Choices offers freedom from hurts, hang-ups, and habits through choices that promise true happiness and life transformation. Rico and Lauri are looking forward to helping people discover the source of their pain and dysfunction, and leading them to allow God to heal and replace those things with peace and joy. This course offers participants real answers, real hope, and a real future — one healing choice at a time.

 Starting February 15

6:30pm, FRIDAYS

Dinner at 5:30pm

3422 Gilpin St, Denver 80205

No group on March 22

Rico currently serves as the Chairman of our Board of Elders. He and Lauri have been married 30 years, have a 22-year-old son, are avid sports fans and love to travel. They have served in Recovery for almost 10 years, and say they learn something new about themselves each class session. They have a passion to see people fully reliant on God to get them through the tough times while giving God the credit for the blessings He sends their way.


Pastor Hugh Fells


for adults

 The Bible unequivocally declares, “Be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18). The Greek verb translated “be filled” is in the present tense, indicating that this blessing is one that we may experience and enjoy now! It’s also a command that doesn’t leave us much of an option in the matter. This study will focus on the three categories of spiritual gifts, and how they should operate in the Church today.

Starting February 6


Room MC-4 at Citypoint

 Pastor Hugh is our Congregational Care pastor, has served in fulltime pastoral ministry for 22 years, and as a lay pastor five years before that. He and his wife, Dawn, were with Marilyn Hickey Ministries for 16 years, and have trained many small group leaders as well as lay, part-time and fulltime pastors.

Ron Fink


for adults

While other small groups take periodic breaks, HeavenBounders meets every Wednesday year-round. Jump in now for a video tour of Israel with Dave

Stott as he stops at archaeological digs to share finds and  a whole new perspective on Bible history. At the series close,  get in on the ground floor for the Overcomers study with David Jeremiah, focusing on victory over the trials and emotions of everyday life.

 Starting February 6


MC-1 at Citypoint

Ron and Jacque Fink were married at Calvary Temple (now Citypoint) in 1965 – and never left. They have served in many capacities through the years, including Ron’s tenures on the Board of Elders. Ever faithful and willing, they continue to bless the 8am service with fresh   bakery donuts and coffee every Sunday morning.


Judy Baldwin


for adults

 While The Bachelor, Temptation Island and their counterparts fill the airwaves, even believers are asking if sexual purity is really relevant in our current culture. What good is it anyway? Why even bother? This study not only looks at the biblical stance on purity and how it applies today, it promises to provide great talking points and help for positive, lifelong relational growth.

 Starting February 6


Feb 6 and 20

March 6 and 20

Senior Pastor’s Office

 Judy was an Air Force dependent raised all over the world. As a self-proclaimed heathen, she got “lucky” and was born again at age 29. Feeling nearly 30 years behind spiritually, she immersed herself in the things of God, asking Him to do a quick work to catch her up. Over 40 years later, she still reads the Bible through every year and says of herself, “I am a zealot. I love Jesus. And I’m NEVER getting over it.”


Will Peters


for adults

 Being born into the family of God

entitles us to benefit beyond this world. In this study, we will examine our relationship to the Father and learn more about His loving ways and the faith that He gave to us –  which are the keys to unlock every door into His vast Kingdom. Discover how to release your faith to engage with His will and claim your divine birthright!

 Starting February 6


The Point at Citypoint

 Will Peters is a Bible college graduate who has attended Citypoint Church at Calvary Temple for the last 14 years. He has served in many capacities of the Christian faith, and possesses a tremendous zeal for the things of the Lord. He currently serves on the Board of Elders, and can often be seen on the grounds exercising his painting and craftsman skills.


200 South University Blvd

Denver, Colorado 80209